Welcome to the OpenTTD UK Web Store
This is where you can buy memberships that can be used on the OpenTTD.co.uk Minecraft Server.

All items purchased on this store will be automatically credited on our server for instant use.

Why buy membership?
Buying VIP Membership will give you extra features on our server and it will also help us to pay server bills like electricity and bandwidth or it may be put towards server upgrades to help us grow.


  • Information about all of the packages and the server can be found on our website @ www.openttd.co.uk

  • There will be no refunds for membership purchases

  • Buying membership doesnt mean you can ignore our rules, we are not strict people, but rule breakers will have their accounts revoked.

  • When you purchase membership, it will be automatically added to your user on our server, but it may take 1 - 10 minutes. (A message will come up when it has been changed)

  • If you have problems with purchasing membership, email: openttd@callumpy.co.uk or find an admin in the chat.